Lindsay’s FieldNET Advisor™ Adds New Crops, Regions and Productivity Features

23 Mei 2018


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May 23, 2018

Lindsay’s FieldNETAdvisorAdds New Crops, Regions and Productivity Features

The New Features Will Improve User Experience and Extend Capabilities to More Growers 

(OMAHA, Neb.) – May 23, 2018 — Lindsay Corporation (NYSE: LNN), a leading global manufacturer and distributor of irrigation and infrastructure equipment and technology, has added new features to further enhance FieldNET®technology and extend its capabilities to more growers around the world.

“The new features will give growers an increased level of customization and mobility, while helping them be even more precise when deciding when, where and how much to irrigate,” said Brian Magnusson, vice president of technology at Lindsay Corporation. “These enhancements are the result of Lindsay’s commitment to accelerate the development and deployment of precision irrigation technologies to help growers around the world make the most of every drop of water.”

FieldNET is a fully integrated wireless management tool that gives growers the ability to remotely monitor and control entire irrigation systems, regardless of electric pivot brand. Offering an added level of decision support, FieldNET Advisor gives growers science-based recommendations to help them make faster, better-informed irrigation decisions. 

When it launched in 2017, FieldNET Advisor covered corn and soybean crops in the U.S. and Canada. With the latest enhancements, the technology now extends to 21 crops, including alfalfa, barley, cotton, dry edible beans, peanuts, popcorn, potatoes, sorghum, sugarbeets, sweet corn, sugarcane and wheat. In addition, the technology is expected to be available later this year in several new countries – Algeria, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Chile, China, Colombia, France, Mexico, New Zealand, Paraguay, Portugal, Spain, Tasmania, Turkey, Ukraine and Uruguay.

Growers can now view irrigation recommendations from FieldNET Advisor via the FieldNET app, providing growers with an added level of convenience and mobility.

“From virtually anywhere, with a smartphone or tablet, growers can now check soil water depletion and irrigation recommendations, access field-specific weather information, make real-time modifications to location-specific crop growth stages, soil moisture levels or rainfall data, have full access to the daily VRI prescriptions and more,” Magnusson said. “We also have enhanced the web version of FieldNET Advisor to improve the user experience and deliver many powerful new features.”

Some of the key new features include:

  • A new “Irrigated Area” page that allows users to further customize the irrigated area that FieldNET Advisor uses to generate irrigation recommendations. It also allows users to select certain areas of the field that they may want to avoid or ignore when determining irrigation application and VRI prescriptions.
  • The addition of an “Unmanaged” crop zone to the crop type list, which allows growers to define a crop zone and irrigation depth for areas of the field with crops that are not currently supported by FieldNET Advisor. 
  • Integration with a global soil database to provide more precise soil data for areas outside of the U.S.
  • The addition of in-field adjustment pages that allow growers to update FieldNET Advisor based on field observations.  
  • Added displays and enhanced charting to allow growers to more easily visualize crop water usage, irrigation schedules and rainfall events throughout the entire growing season. 
  • Integration with Growsmart™Rain Buckets to utilize rain bucket data. 
  • The ability to prioritize different soil areas within a field based on past or present productivity and profitability. 
  • Enhanced irrigation management settings that allow growers to account for various water restrictions, dynamically optimize VRI prescriptions and irrigation schedules and customize irrigation management by crop zone. 
  • Yield prediction graphics based on potential crop water stress that allow growers to visualize and analyze potential yield loss data for irrigated and unirrigated portions of a field.

“These updates and features give growers more control over the inputs and data used in FieldNET Advisor,” Magnusson said. “We know that every operation is unique, so we’ve given growers the ability to edit information based on the specifics of their operation and what they’re seeing in their fields. This increased level of customization and precision is critical as growers look for ways to produce more with less.”

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