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Blog Roundup: The 10 Most Popular Articles in 2022

Dec 21, 2022

Blog Roundup: The 10 Most Popular Articles in 2022

To end the year, we’re sharing our most popular articles from the Zimmatic blog in 2022. As you’ll see from the roundup, there is one theme that really shined this year – irrigation efficiency.

From tips on upgrading irrigation systems to maintenance and operational benefits, we hope the articles and takeaways in this roundup fuel your approach to smart irrigation and efficient water management in the new year. As always, our network of Zimmatic dealers is here to help and answer your questions, as well.

For now, though, happy reading!

1. Top Irrigation Trends to Watch for in 2022

To get ready for 2022, we explored the top trends to watch for this year. From wireless crop monitoring to soil management and cost-sharing solutions, we looked at the sustainability initiatives and government policies for growers to keep their eyes on.

2. Switching to a Center Pivot? Adding an Irrigation Scheduling Tool? EQIP May Help.

We sat down with Lindsay FieldNET Sales Specialist Quinn Charling to discuss one of the top trends for 2022 – cost sharing programs. The article shares how growers who are looking to upgrade or improve their irrigation efficiency solutions with center pivot irrigation or smart irrigation technology can leverage financial and technical assistance like EQIP.

3. 8 Pre-Season Center Pivot Maintenance Tips to Reduce Downtime 

Our next must-read article of 2022 explores the top tips for maintaining your pivot irrigation system in preparation for the growing season. We called it the pre-season pivot maintenance checklist. While most of the list are basic tasks, they are key to helping minimize downtime and extending the lifespan of your equipment.

4. Introducing the Zimmatic CD-1000 Center Drive: A Value Like Never Before

We rolled out the first of our new line of center drive solutions at the end of 2021 – the Zimmatic CD-1000 Center Drive. This article introduces the low-cost helical center drive solution and the benefits it offers growers.

5. The Most Important Irrigation Decisions Can Come at End of the Season 

This article on FieldNET™ Advisor™ discusses how to harness your operation’s data for more informed (and sustainable) decision-making. If you’re curious how FieldNET Advisor provides data-backed and science-based irrigation recommendations to inform and guide irrigation schedule planning, then definitely give this one a read.

6. 5 Operational Benefits of Improving Irrigation Efficiency

For any grower thinking of switching or upgrading to a smart irrigation system, this article provides the top reasons to make it happen. From yielding more to wasting less, we share how irrigation efficiency can benefit a grower’s operation – including their budget, productivity and peace of mind.

7. 3 Reasons Why Your Operation Needs Smart Irrigation

To help us show how smart irrigation is making a difference for growers and their operations, we recruited the help of our online community. Spoiler alert: the top reasons were saving time, money and resources. However, you can better understand just what that means to and looks like for growers in this must-read article.

8. Your Top Pivot Installation Questions Answered by a Zimmatic Dealer

We talked to Bryan Smith, at Zimmatic™ dealer New Way Irrigation, to hear what the top pivot installation questions are from Zimmatic customers – and how we can help answer them. Questions range from asking about land inspections and permissions to wheel track management and sprinkler operation.

9. Gain More Control with FieldNET Pivot Control Lite 

Curious about the remote control capabilities of FieldNET™ Pivot Control Lite? This article explores how this end-of-pivot mounted controller provides greater control over almost any new or existing pivot – and how it can help take irrigation efficiency to the next level.

10. Regular Sprinkler Maintenance Can Save Your Operation

When it comes to keeping your operation at peak performance, maintenance should always be top of mind. That includes preventive maintenance for your sprinkler system. While a single damaged nozzle may seem minor, it’s important to inspect early to avoid any yield loss or downtime. This article lists some of the top suspects to be on the lookout for when evaluating your sprinklers.

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