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We’re making every drop of water count.

At Lindsay, we are committed to creating a more sustainable future—starting today. Our industry leading FieldNET technology is designed to help growers, landowners and agronomic advisors conserve resources by equipping them with the data and insights to run their irrigation system with precision. Because every bit of water and energy saved, makes a positive impact around the world.

We’re making every drop of water count.

Discover the global impact of FieldNET.

Gallons of Water Saved

Kilowatt-Hours Saved

Liters of Water Saved

Metric Tons of CO2 Saved

Pounds of CO2 Saved

Did you know?

Water Facts

The average person in the U.S. uses about 90 gallons of water per day or 32,850 gallons of water per year.1 As a result, the above water savings are enough to sustain approximately people for a full year.

A regulation-sized swimming pool holds approximately 660,000 gallons of water, meaning the above savings are enough to fill regulation-sized swimming pools.

Energy Facts

The above energy savings are equivalent to the annual CO2 emissions of passenger vehicles.2

The average passenger vehicle emits approximately 0.91 pounds of CO2 per mile driven, meaning the above savings would equate to miles driven for a single passenger vehicle.2

Burning one gallon of gasoline is equal to approximately 0.009 metric tons of CO2 emissions. As a result, the above energy savings are equivalent to the use of gallons of gasoline.2

1 Source: USGS - How much water does the average person use at home per day?
2 Source: United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) - Greenhouse Gas Emissions from a Typical Passenger Vehicle


Learn how FieldNET Advisor™ can help.

FieldNET Advisor is a revolutionary irrigation management solution from FieldNET. It’s designed to provide growers with simple, science-based irrigation recommendations that enable faster, better-informed and more sustainable irrigation schedules and decisions.

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Learn how FieldNET Advisor™ can help.
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