Why Pivot Irrigation?


Why are pivot systems the ideal irrigation solution?

Efficiency, cost savings, reliability and precision are what make center pivot irrigation systems a leading method of crop irrigation around the world. At Lindsay, our Zimmatic® center pivot and lateral-move systems ensure the correct amount of water is uniformly applied to crops and soil at precisely the right time to produce higher yields and provide greater peace of mind.

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Make the switch from drip or flood irrigation.



Pivot Irrigation

Drip Irrigation

Flood Irrigation

Field type 

  Best for fields larger than 65 acres (small-field options available)

Best for vineyards, orchards, small vegetable fields

  Best for fields with small row crops and trees


  Low cost per acre

  High cost per acre

  Low cost per acre


  No filtration required

  Filtration required

  No filtration required

Water use efficiency 




Water runoff 

  Little or no runoff

  Little or no runoff

  Excessive water runoff


  20+ years 

  <10 years


Maintenance cost 


  High (including labor)



  Compatible with FieldNET for complete automation and remote management

  Local standalone controllers only

  Local standalone controllers only

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Try our dryland conversion calculator.

See how much you could potentially save with a pivot irrigation system in addition to the peace of mind when it comes to droughts or inconsistent rainfall.

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Manage pivot irrigation systems remotely.

With FieldNET, you get access to your irrigation systems in the palm of your hand. Monitor performance, gain valuable insights and stay connected to your fields from anywhere—it’s easy with FieldNET.

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Find your nearest dealer.

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