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Keep your eyes on your roadside assets

RoadConnect™ by Lindsay is a remote roadside asset management platform that lets you remotely monitor key road and highway assets such as crash cushions, guardrails, end terminals, utility poles, bridge structures and more. With RoadConnect, you can increase the speed and reliability of roadside maintenance, save time and money while improving road safety.

Three Decades of Experience
in Connected Solutions

Lindsay understands your needs and has the technology to keep you connected. Our solutions are vertically integrated from design to manufacturing, and extensive knowledge and experience in the transportation and IIOT industries allows us to quickly adapt to changes and make modifications to ensure your roads stay safe.



Be there when you can't

With RoadConnect, as long as you have a web-enabled device, you’re connected to your roadside assets. The user-friendly dashboard displays asset data and aggregates details, location and status in real time. You also get notifications and email/text alerts, so you know the moment something needs your attention.

A single-source data
& insights platform.

RoadConnect is more than remote asset management — it is a modular platform that you can add to as the need arises. Read on to learn more about capabilities and benefits for DOTs/municipalities and their trusted industry suppliers.


Do more with less

Increasing regulations and decreasing budgets is no new challenge for DOTs. RoadConnect can help expand your reach through cloud-based remote asset management, expanding the area you can cover with limited manpower. This platform accurately and reliably captures asset data, improving your maintenance and reaction speed to increase operational efficiency and help keep roads safe.

Many safe returns

Every municipality and DOT district is unique, but budget concerns are a common issue. RoadConnect improves safety and ROI by reducing manual data-capture labor costs, and improving maintenance effectiveness through faster, more reliable updates about which assets need attention.

ROI for DOTs

  • Remote data-driven workflow management accessible from anywhere
  • Timely awareness of impacts to roadside assets with real-time notifications and alerts, improving response time
  • Improved road safety for workers & motorists
  • Brand agnostic
  • Simple, fast nondestructive installation
  • Rugged, waterproof enclosure and a long battery life

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ROI for Distributors

RoadConnect increases effectiveness, deepens relationships, and helps customers streamline their operations. RoadConnect provides you and your customers with:

  • A broader selection of tools you offer in your agency
  • Increased line of communication with timely alerts & notifications
  • Streamlined workflow and resources with data-driven management
  • Workload leveling with the future in mind
  • Improved road safety for workers & motorists

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Since inception, DOTs have seen the benefits of RoadConnect for road safety, personnel time and roadside maintenance reliability.

Our beta and early commercial use cases have demonstrated:

Reduce the number of physical
asset inspections by up to


through remote wellness checks

Reduce miles travelled for
inspection-related tasks by up to


so personnel can be
redeployed to other value-add duties

Reduce safety risk to
personnel by up to


due to the reduced
need for physical inspection


Remote Impact Detection
with ImpactAlert™

ImpactAlert is a rugged, compact, add-on sensor device that can be attached to a broad range of roadside assets. Through it, RoadConnect alerts you immediately when a connected asset has been impacted – increasing the speed at which your team can respond, and reducing the expense of manually scouting assets for damage.

Remote Streetlight Management
with Light Guard™

Light Guard is a pedestal-based connected device that enables remote management of lighting systems within the RoadConnect platform. This device allows you to monitor and control lighting through your RoadConnect dashboard, as well as receive notices of outages and decreases in energy draw — a common early warning sign of theft or damage.

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