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Take on any terrain with the right wheels.

Zimmatic offers multiple tracking options to match the needs of a variety of field conditions. From airless wheels that never go flat to cost-effective bias-ply tires to multi-wheel tower structures for added power, we’ll keep your irrigation system on the right track.

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Explore our range of tracking solutions.

NFTrax<sup>®</sup> 2.0

NFTrax® 2.0

Built with maximum flexibility, Zimmatic’s patented NFTrax is an airless wheel design that improves traction, decreases wheel rutting, and adapts to terrain and field conditions—saving time, labor and replacement costs.

  • Built for rugged, long-lasting performance
  • Minimizes soil disruption and improves cleanout
  • Helps reduce need for downtime or equipment repair
  • 30-50% less wheel track depth than standard tires in similar conditions
  • Optional Z-tread for tough terrain like slopes, low spots, etc.
  • 5-year warranty
Radial tires

Radial tires

Radial tire construction lessens severe wheel tracking and compaction beneath sprinklers while reducing overall drivetrain wear and tear. Plus, the rugged radial tire design cuts maintenance costs by reducing flats in the field.

  • 60% more footprint than 11.2” x 38” bias tires
  • Wider, stronger tread face and durable side wall
  • Low air pressure for less compaction and rutting
  • Heavy load rating, even at lower pressures
  • Available in popular sizes, no tube needed
  • 8-year limited warranty
Three-wheel & Four-wheel tracking

Three-wheel & Four-wheel tracking

Ideal for a variety of crops in marshy areas or heavy soils, Zimmatic's three- and four-wheel tower structures add power to increase traction, prevent rutting, and reduce the wear and tear of the equipment.

  • Spend less time dealing with stuck machines 
  • Increase tire life 
  • Reduce drivetrain wear and tear
  • Irrigate acres currently left idle
Bias-ply tires

Bias-ply tires

Meet Lindsay’s cost-effective choice for traditional bias-ply tires that don’t sacrifice quality.

  • Available in popular sizes
  • Field-tested and proven
  • Meets Lindsay’s rigorous quality standards
  • 8-year prorated warranty

Go beyond tracking.

Learn more about the full range of irrigation solutions from Lindsay and start building a better, smarter irrigation system today.

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Find your nearest dealer.

Find your nearest dealer.

Your local Zimmatic dealer is always here to help find which irrigation solutions can best maximize your productivity and profits.

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