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Introducing the Zimmatic CD-1000 Center Drive: A Value Like Never Before

Dec 17, 2021

Introducing the Zimmatic CD-1000 Center Drive: A Value Like Never Before

When developing strategies for product rollouts and enhancements, our partnership with growers is invaluable. Learning and forming a deep understanding of the various needs and pain points of growers from the Pacific Northwest to the Florida peninsula helps us drive for continuous improvement and solutions that generations of growers can rely on.

With that aim, we have begun the process of rolling out a new series of center drive solutions, beginning with the CD-1000, a low-cost helical center drive with the flexibility and adaptability growers have learned to trust in a Zimmatic product. Available in 30, 43 and 59 RPMs, it is suitable for multiple applications and with nearly-universal compatibility, it can be used on most major pivot brands.

The best part? Only the Zimmatic CD-1000 center drives come with a standard 5-year warranty; you won’t find this kind of commitment to quality and value anywhere else in the industry.

“Today’s growers understand the needs of their operation and like to have options that better fit their requirements. Based on their feedback, Lindsay is glad to expand its field-proven center drive lineup to include a low-cost option. Featuring an aluminum stator and a best-in-class aftermarket warranty, the CD-1000 center drives offer growers a reliable alternative to choose from,” said Sahil Sharma, Zimmatic product manager.

Off-season maintenance is the perfect time to evaluate your operation and determine opportunities to enhance or replace equipment for the next growing season. Contact your local Zimmatic dealer to discuss how you can take advantage of the CD-1000 and other Zimmatic enhancements available now.