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Adding FieldNET is as Easy as 1,2,3

Mar 6, 2023

Adding FieldNET is as Easy as 1,2,3

There is no question remote irrigation management solutions can benefit any irrigation operation. From enhanced decision-making capabilities to cost, labor and resource savings, technology is helping growers grow more sustainably.

But, just how easy is it for a grower to implement these management solutions? When it comes to FieldNET™, the answer is as easy as 1,2,3.

1) Talk to your local Zimmatic dealer

Your Zimmatic dealer will be a constant resource throughout your FieldNET journey, starting with helping you to determine which solution is right for your irrigation operation. Together, you’ll discuss your operation’s needs, layout and budget—and then walk through the FieldNET options that meet them all.

2) Add FieldNET to your irrigation operation

Depending on your needs, your Zimmatic dealer will recommend one (or more) of the options below. They will also help install the hardware, set it up and ensure you feel comfortable navigating the interface.

FieldNET CircleScout™ for remote pivots

While all FieldNET solutions provide remote monitoring, FieldNET CircleScout is a monitor-only solution for the most remote and hard-to-access pivots. It uses a satellite signal connection, so you never have to worry about cell coverage dead spots. Plus, it’s easy to install, works with any brand of pivot and has a reliable backup battery that keeps the signal strong, even in the event of power loss. 

FieldET Pivot Watch™ for a low-cost monitoring option

FieldNET Pivot Watch can be mounted to the end of any pivot, no matter the brand, age, or whether electric or hydraulic. It’s low-cost and easy to install yourself, requiring no electrical connections. Once installed, it provides real-time monitoring and critical alerts about performance issues or opportunities for improvement – anytime and from anywhere.

FieldNET Pivot Control Lite™ for economical monitoring and control

FieldNET Pivot Control Lite is a compact and low-cost remote monitoring and control solution that can retrofit to almost any electric pivot. The controller works by mounting to the end of the pivot and wires directly into the last tower box, offering more flexibility for later adjustments and no modifications to the OEM panel functionality.

FieldNET Pivot Control™ for upgraded and universal control

FieldNET Pivot Control provides a universal interface to upgrade existing pivots to full remote-control technology for pivots, pumps, wells and injectors. It uses an in-field control interface mounted at the pivot point and an end-of-pivot-mounted GPS receiver that work together to keep you connected and in control.

Zimmatic control panels for out-of-the-box command

Our line of advanced Zimmatic controllers all come FieldNET-ready and

offer the ability to take command of your pivot irrigation operation without the need for any additional hardware.

3) Stay connected with the FieldNET mobile app

After your FieldNET hardware or control panel is installed, it’s time to download the FieldNET mobile app (available on the App Store or Google Play). With it, you can take back control of your days by taking your operation with you wherever you go.

Be sure to check out our full FieldNET Mobile “How-To” series to learn more about customizing your FieldNET app profile and settings.

Plus, when you’re ready, you can quickly upgrade to FieldNET Advisor™ for automated, science-based recommendations to help determine when, where and how much to irrigate. And since it’s seamlessly integrated into the FieldNET platform, it allows you to quickly put irrigation decisions into action and monitor their progress from a single place—in the palm of your hand.

If you’re ready to start your FieldNET journey or have questions about the benefits, reach out to your local Zimmatic dealer today!