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The Zimmatic Difference: What Makes Our Pivots Durable

Aug 16, 2023

The Zimmatic Difference: What Makes Our Pivots Durable

When investing in an irrigation system, durability and reliability are two of the most important considerations. That’s why Zimmatic® pivots are built right the first time to last a lifetime.

For over half a century, Zimmatic has provided growers around the world with dependable irrigation solutions and innovative ways to optimize their operations. The fact that many of our initial center pivot systems are still working hard today is a testament to their exceptional construction and intelligent design.

But what exactly makes our pivots so durable? Read on to find out!

Strength that starts with the right structure

Our pivots and lateral-move systems are designed with the toughest materials and latest technology. We combine exclusive structural designs with innovative features to deliver the highest performance, precision and rugged durability—while minimizing wear and tear. Some of the most impressive elements of our structure include:

  1. Heavy-duty pivot point: The central point of every Zimmatic pivot is made of hot-dipped galvanized steel legs and heavy-duty cross-members to create a sturdy and stable foundation for even the longest pivots.
  2. Exclusive Uni-Knuckle: Our proprietary uni-knuckle span connection provides stress-free flexibility and an external design that ensures smooth flow.
  3. Exclusive split coupler: Our unique design features an enclosed inner boot for a watertight connection, guarding against leaks and corrosion—and ensuring water only flows where it’s supposed to.
  4. Formed outlets: Our sprinkler outlets are formed, not welded, as part of the pipeline to create a watertight seal that prevents leakage and rusting for a longer pivot life.
  5. Truss rods and design: Our exclusive "V-Jack" truss is designed to distribute the span’s load evenly that enhances structural integrity. Forged-head truss rods in heavy pocket-type rod-anchors provide superior support and durability to span pipes.
  6. Optimized span design: With its tough alloy steel, our optimized span design increases strength, decreases weight and maintains the structural integrity of the machine.
  7. Crossed stabilizer angles: “X-type” bracing links connect each span with the next tower, effectively absorbing torsional stress that could wear down the pivot.

While this may seem like a lot of strength and innovation to pack into a pivot already, it doesn’t even include some of the advanced components that help us deliver an industry-leading pivot system.

Components to withstand the test of time

We're committed to making sure our pivots are as reliable today as decades down the road. Like our structures, that means designing with not only the strongest and most durable materials, but with precision and performance at the center of it all. Our performance-boosting components include: 

  1. Full flow collector ring: Unlike other irrigation systems, our collector ring is mounted externally to help eliminate water restriction for reliable operation and greater peace of mind. 
  2. Pipe options: From the industry’s thickest pipeline (10% thicker than the competition) on the 9500 series to the 11-gauge, various diameter pipes on the 7500 series, we offer a range of pipelines and diameters for maximum efficiency and durability.
  3. GPS positioning: When it comes to automating your irrigation, precision GPS is key for field tracking. With this advanced guidance, your control panel can know the pivot’s exact position at any time—and so can you. 
  4. Center drive: Our center driveline has been proven in the field for over 30 years. It offers the highest horsepower and a triple reduction spur gear for more efficient field coverage, cycle after cycle. Additionally, the non-helical design minimizes heat, friction and wear, leading to a longer drivetrain life. 
  5. Zimmatic AT Gearbox: This cutting-edge driveline features forged steel gears, cartridge seals, flanged bolts, a universal mounting pattern, diaphragm-style expansion chamber and, finally, an external gusseted bell housing. Together, these features mean superior strength, reliability and protection against dirt and moisture—not to mention making the Zimmatic AT Gearbox one of the most advanced gearbox options available.

Now you know some of the powerful components that play a valuable role in what makes Zimmatic pivots stand out in the market. So, next we’ll move down the pivot structure, all the way to the wheels.

Tires and wheels that lead the way in tracking performance 

Zimmatic offers a range of tire and wheel options that cater to your operation’s specific needs. From field conditions to terrain to budget, our tracking solutions deliver the superior traction to keep your pivot irrigation system on track. Because we know that means less downtime and higher yields—and that’s something we can all support. 

Our tracking solutions include:

NFTrax® 2.0

Our patented airless wheel design means you never have to worry about a flat tire again. With a larger surface area and special tread design, weight is evenly distributed for high traction with minimal soil disturbance. Plus, the airless design eliminates punctures and sidewall issues, and the flexible track allows for superior flexibility and adaptability for rough terrain and obstructions. There is also an optional Z-Tread for even more traction to take on terrains like slopes, low spots, clay-based soils, etc.

Radial tires 

Our radial tire construction offers several benefits, such as reducing wheel tracking and compaction, minimizing wear and tear on the drivetrain, and cutting maintenance costs by reducing flats. With a wider tread face, durable side wall and low air pressure, these tires provide increased stability and less compaction. They are available in popular sizes and come with an 8-year limited warranty.

Threewheel tracking 

Our innovative three-wheel tower structures improve traction and prevent rutting and reduce equipment wear in marshy areas or heavy soils. With these options, you can enhance productivity by reducing downtime, increasing tire lifespan and reclaiming idle acres through efficient irrigation. 

Dealer support that goes beyond customer service

In addition to these features, Zimmatic prides itself on providing the best customer service in the industry—and around the world. Local dealers offer expert advice, making sure your pivots run smoothly and repairs are promptly addressed. With Zimmatic, you can rest assured knowing that you are getting the best possible equipment and support available.

If you have questions about Zimmatic pivots or any of our precision irrigation solutions, contact a Zimmatic dealer today or check out our product guide for more information.