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Q&A: What to Expect When Purchasing a Zimmatic Pivot

Feb 27, 2023

Q&A: What to Expect When Purchasing a Zimmatic Pivot

If you’re thinking about purchasing a pivot, you most likely have a few questions. From comparing pivot models to understanding your return on investment, there’s a lot to know before making that final decision.

To help get you started, we turned to Jon Zoucha, president at Perfect Circle Irrigation in Nebraska. Recently named the top-selling Zimmatic™ dealer in North America, Perfect Circle Irrigation takes pride in helping growers find the right irrigation solution for their unique operation.

So, we asked Zoucha how his team helps growers when purchasing a new pivot — and what advice he has for growers starting the process.

1) What's your first step when helping a grower purchase a new Zimmatic pivot?

Zoucha: First, we assess the customer’s needs, then develop a plan to maximize their field’s potential depending on the irrigated acres they can gain.  By analyzing a grower's field, we can understand their challenges and what equipment can make a difference.

For example, many of our customers struggle to irrigate dryland corners, which can really play a big factor in profitability during drought years. We leverage technology and tools to help show growers how a new Zimmatic 9500CC2 corner system can lay out. Combined with a grower’s experience with their land, using our Smart Suite mapping tool can help us model how a pivot will lay out in the field, with ditches, wells, hills and other obstacles.

2) How do you help growers understand what a new pivot may cost them?

Zoucha: I start by pricing out a pivot the way I’d like to have it on my own farm. In a perfect world, that means: top-of-the-line wheels, sprinklers, control panel, etc. That's where we start. Then, growers can go from there by eliminating (or adding) features.

I always advise customers that, in the long run, it's more cost-effective to get all the options on a new pivot from the start. Don't skimp on things like tires or sprinklers because most people regret this in the years that follow.

3) How do you help growers determine if the investment makes sense?

Zoucha: Our customers are very business savvy, and ROI is the biggest factor they consider when purchasing center pivots. Whether it’s converting flood irrigation, converting dryland, replacing an older machine, or adding a machine with a new corner system, we’re trying to help them irrigate as efficiently as they can.

We can show projected ROI using Zimmatic’s calculators. For growers on the fence, this data can provide reassurance about just how much money they can save with remote telemetry solutions like FieldNET™ and FieldNET Advisor.

4) Why should growers turn to Zimmatic for pivot irrigation?

Zoucha: We like to show customers how the structural design of Zimmatic pivots really hasn’t changed all that much over the past 40 years. That says a lot about their ability to stand the test of time. Zimmatic pivots are built to last — and they have been since the beginning. Plus, we have the best remote telemetry on the market with FieldNET.

In general, Lindsay continues to be a leader in the ever-changing pivot and control industry. And advances like the smart pivot are going to be game-changers for growers in years to come.

5) Is there any special financing or financial assistance programs for growers?

Zoucha: There are several government programs that provide significant assistance to growers looking to switch from gravity irrigation to pivot irrigation. We highly encourage our customers to take advantage of initiatives like the Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) and the Rainwater Basin Joint Venture by reaching out to their local Natural Resources Conservation Service office.

Often, there are also incentives from Zimmatic, like the Spring Savings Event happening now, which can help growers save money.

At the end of the day, we’re committed to helping growers make the right choices for their operation over the long run.

Whether you’re looking to purchase a new Zimmatic pivot irrigation system or just have questions, your local Zimmatic dealer is always here to help find answers and get to solutions.