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Pushing the Boundaries of What’s Possible

Dec 7, 2020

Pushing the Boundaries of What’s Possible

Apple and Samsung changed the way you communicate.

Amazon changed the way you shop.

And, at Lindsay, we’re changing the way you irrigate.

We recently introduced the smart pivot – a new category of mechanized irrigation that delivers never-before-seen insights and efficiencies that will change the way you look at and use your center pivot.

“Because they’re always in the field and cover the entire field, center pivots can do much more than water crops. They are uniquely positioned to provide growers with unparalleled access - above and below the canopy,” said Gustavo Oberto, president of Irrigation at Lindsay Corporation. “Our new smart pivot moves beyond traditional water application and management to provide real-time, 360-degree crop health and operational support throughout the growing season.”

The smart pivot comes to life through two smart streams - FieldNET™ advanced agronomics and Zimmatic™ machine health - designed to reduce risk and operational downtime while supporting healthier crops and more sustainable farming practices. With the smart pivot you will have the ability to:

  • See crop growth as it happens
  • Detect pest and disease stress at leaf level
  • Monitor moisture and nutrient availability
  • Know when a tire is going flat or if a gearbox is showing signs of wear
  • Detect application issues, such as ponding, plugged sprinklers or poor spray patterns
  • Calculate water and energy savings to help achieve sustainability goals

“Think of it as a robot - on alert 24/7 - checking what’s going on in every part of your field,” Oberto said. “It’s truly the pivot of the future.”

Several of the smart pivot features are the outcome of collaboration and joint development with two industry leading technology partners - Microsoft and Taranis.

“Our collaboration with key partners, including our customers, will ensure that we remain at the forefront of innovation and drive the next era of mechanized irrigation,” Oberto said. “We’re excited about the possibilities and proud to lead the way in this quickly changing industry.”

Early stage testing on the smart pivot will continue for the next several months as we roll out its capabilities. This spring in North America, we expect to release some of the crop health capabilities on a limited, beta testing basis. We plan to use the next growing season to extensively test and refine the pest and disease detection capabilities and bring them to market by the following year - spring 2022.

For more information about the new smart pivot, visit lindsay.com/smartpivot.