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Mitigate Risk and Rising Input Costs by Investing in Your Operation

Mar 22, 2022

Mitigate Risk and Rising Input Costs by Investing in Your Operation

By Rick Provaznik, Vice President – Global Demand Planning

As planting season quickly approaches in North America, many growers’ thoughts – though always on the weather forecast – are increasingly focused on water availability.

Will we get rain? Will we get it in time? Will there be enough to maximize my yield potential?

Across the continent, volatile weather patterns and higher-than-average temperatures are causing concern for growers. The latest U.S. Drought Monitor released last week showed more than 61 percent of the country is in a classification of drought, the largest percentage since 2012 and now closely approaching the all-time record of 65 percent set in September of that year.

With the increasingly likely prospect of a significant draught impacting much of the U.S. this summer comes an increasing need for irrigation. Those needs are likely to bring a new challenge for growers this spring and summer: many irrigation equipment manufacturers are experiencing high demand coupled with strained supply chains, sourcing challenges and delayed shipments, which are leading to longer-than-expected lead times and pushing availability of new irrigation systems from many OEMs into the summer months.

This season’s crop could be the most expensive many have ever planted, but with the current high commodity prices, it also has the potential to be the most valuable. As a result, the financial risk and reward for growers this season has perhaps never been greater - and the need for every drop of water to count has never been more critical. Thus, for many it has never been a more valuable time to replace worn-out, upgrade to more efficient types, or add new irrigation systems to their operation than it is now.

Over the past year, Lindsay has taken meaningful steps to develop best-in-class operational capabilities, including the ability to quickly juggle and solve for challenges to ensure we’re ready when our customers need us. Because of this, no other irrigation company is positioned as well as Lindsay to support growers by delivering systems quickly this spring. With the shortest lead-times in the industry and a network of skilled dealers across North America, there’s still time to get a Zimmatic irrigation system installed before the growing season.

Additionally, it is clear interest rates will continue to rise over the coming months – meaning payments will be higher for growers who wait to buy. To help combat rising costs and interest rates, our sales team has put together a limited time special financing program to make Zimmatic systems as affordable as possible, helping growers protect their crop input investments and maximize their profits while commodity prices are strong. To learn more about the program, available through the end of March, visit: lindsay.com/springsale.

The conditions are right to make an investment in your operation by partnering with Lindsay and acting now.