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Keep Your Pivots Running Smoothly with GearLife XL Lube

Mar 18, 2019

Keep Your Pivots Running Smoothly with GearLife XL Lube

Are you looking for an alternative to standard gearbox oil?

“We recommend GearLife XL lube as a replacement oil for gearboxes after the first season break-in and settle period - especially those older gearboxes that are near the end of life,” said Becca Pereira, service manager at Sliman & Butler Irrigation locations in Gooding and Buhl, Idaho. “It keeps the dirt out of the sealing surfaces and prolongs the life of the gearbox.” 

GearLife XL thins when worked and thickens when idle. Its thixotropic properties allow for the lubrication to solidify and form a water-resistant seal, preventing leaks and keeping out harmful moisture. It offers the fastest solidification on the market, so dripping out of worn seals is minimized or even eliminated, depending on seal wear. 

“It’s thicker – more of a grease than an oil. It attaches to the components and provides a cushion instead of seeping,” Pereira said. “GearLife XL has helped many of our customers get several more years out of their gearboxes instead of replacing them.”

Developed to be compatible with all wheel gearbox brands, the special formulated oil also protects against rust and excessive wear. When independently tested, GearLife XL exceeded GL-f standards that offer higher load carrying characteristics, superior corrosion resistance and industry leading wear properties. 

“Our customers are happy with GearLife’s performance,” Pereira said. “It keeps maintenance costs down and prolongs the life of their gearboxes.”

For more information about GearLife XL Lube, talk to your local Zimmatic dealer or visit www.zimmatic.com.