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It May Sound Too Good to Be True…But It Isn’t

Jan 25, 2021

It May Sound Too Good to Be True…But It Isn’t

What if you could see crop growth as it happens?

What if you could automatically detect leaf-level problems?

What if you could easily monitor moisture and nutrient availability?

What if this wasn’t just wishful thinking?

“It may sound too good to be true, but it isn’t,” said Wade Sikkink, director of global product management at Lindsay. “Because they’re always in the field, center pivots are uniquely positioned to provide growers with unparalleled access to their crops, and our new smart pivot delivers that access - above and below the canopy.”

Introduced late last year, the smart pivot is a groundbreaking innovation that moves beyond water application to provide real-time, 360-degree crop health and operational data throughout the growing season. It comes to life through two smart streams - Zimmatic™ machine health and FieldNET™ advanced agronomics - designed to reduce risk and operational downtime, while supporting healthier crops and more sustainable farming practices.

“On the crop health side, the smart pivot uses sensors, high resolution imagery and advanced algorithms to provide growers with never-before-seen insights,” Sikkink said. “Think of it this way…it’s a robot, on alert, 24/7/365 - checking what’s going on in every part of your field.”

Developed in collaboration with strategic partner, Taranis, the smart pivot’s advanced crop health technology will:

  • Deliver automatic detection leaf-level health issues, such as nutrient deficiencies, pressure from disease and pests and the ability to auto detect and accurately revise crop growth state and stand count remotely.
  • Derive insights from high-resolution imagery and on-pivot sensors to provide next-level efficiency with enhanced irrigation scheduling capabilities.
  • Give growers the ability to optimize irrigation at scale to each unique farm - helping growers conserve water and energy, boost yield production and eliminate diminishing returns,

“Growers are asking for new tools and methods to help them improve efficiency, reduce risk and boost productivity - and we’re delivering,” Sikkink said. “As the technology leader in the industry, we’re committed to providing innovative solutions that will help growers overcome their unique challenges and sustain their operations for generations to come.”

In part two of our smart pivot series, we’ll focus on features that will help growers monitor and maintain machine health - reducing costly downtime.

Smart pivot features are in development now. Field testing is already underway, and a limited commercial offering will begin in the spring of 2021 in North America, with a broader market release expected in spring 2022.

For more information, visit www.lindsaycom/smartpivot.