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How FieldNET Can Help You Get Hours Back in The Day

May 31, 2022

How FieldNET Can Help You Get Hours Back in The Day

Growers around the world are no strangers to putting in long hours every single day, starting before dawn and ending long after dusk. But what if there was something that could help you take back control of those days and the time spent covering miles and miles of land to check your crops and equipment? Something that could put control of your entire irrigation operation in the palm of your hand?

With FieldNET™ integrated remote irrigation management technology, you get all that and more. You get peace of mind in knowing the status of your irrigation operation. You get the data to stay ahead or act fast when situations change. And you get the confidence and tools to control your irrigation anytime from anywhere.

But how exactly can FieldNET make a difference throughout your day? Let’s see.

Rise and shine

Just imagine remotely starting or stopping your pivots from your bed before the sun even rises. Though you may still be awake, the time you’re saving from being able to do this from the comfort of your home is a serious game-changer.

While FieldNET technology and Zimmatic pivots are a match made in irrigation heaven, they’re not the only match when it comes to our award-winning tech. FieldNET works with any brand or any age of pivot to give all pivot irrigation owners an advantage.

You can also go beyond controlling pivots and check in on your pumps, too. All this helps save time and resources.

Time to check in

Labor is a critical resource for growers. Every minute that is spent driving from pivot to pivot is valuable time that could be applied to other parts of your operation. Those daily trips can also add up when you factor in rising labor and even fuel costs to run your machine and get from here to there.

With FieldNET, you get a quick glance at your entire irrigation system without having to go anywhere. It can easily tell you where water is needed and how much based on crop information and local conditions—equaling time, energy and fuel savings!

Plus, solutions like FieldNET Advisor™ can offer simple, science-based irrigation recommendations backed by field data, cloud-computing capabilities, machine learning and more than 40 years of crop and irrigation research. That way you can make better-informed irrigation decisions when it comes to the day ahead.

Ready for when plans change

Whether the clouds are starting to roll in or the forecast still calls for dry days ahead, FieldNET can help keep you on your toes. Because when the weather shifts, you’ll know and can do the same quickly. Whether you’re running errands or waiting in the pickup line at school or sitting at the dinner table, you can quickly change irrigation schedules with ease.

Plus, every FieldNET subscription now includes FieldNET with WaterTrendSM, a 7-day forecast of field- and crop-available water use for more water application insights and ultimately more efficient decisions. You also get information on soil moisture depletion, crop growth stage, water usage and more for a better picture of what’s needed—and what to expect.

The makings of a good night

While FieldNET can’t promise a perfect home-cooked dinner or home run at your daughter’s ballgame, it can help you enjoy whatever your night holds a bit more. Whether you’re checking back in on your pivots or looking at AI-generated irrigation recommendations from FieldNET Advisor, you know your irrigation operation is in good hands. After all, they are still your hands.

When it’s time for some shuteye, you can feel good knowing you’re prepared to keep everything running at peak efficiency. And if anything changes, you have the tools to adjust just as quickly. And that is something you can rest easy about!

If you’re ready to see just how big of a difference using FieldNET can make for you and your operation, reach out to your local Zimmatic dealer today!