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From Beginning to End of Harvest, FieldNET® Helps Growers Monitor Fields

Oct 19, 2021

From Beginning to End of Harvest, FieldNET® Helps Growers Monitor Fields

Whether your harvest season is ongoing or coming to a close, Lindsay’s FieldNET remote management platform helps growers monitor their fields throughout the season and determine best practices for next year.

During harvest, FieldNET and FieldNET Advisor can be used to:

  • Reposition pivots to keep them out of the way of harvesting equipment.
  • View comprehensive, integrated reports that provide insight into your overall operation and equipment, allowing you to evaluate performance and meet compliance requirements.
  • Review pressure readings history to determine if well work needs to be done during the offseason. This data can also help determine if you have enough pressure for your sprinkler package to operate correctly.
  • Check run hours.

In addition, the end of harvest is an important time to review which practices led to the best results.

Brad Dunbar, Lindsay’s regional sales manager for the Midwest, says two of his favorite points of review at the end of the season are the sectional water use tool and the season water available graph.

The sectional water use feature allows growers to see detailed information about seasonal water application. The tool, which can be modified by date range, helps to monitor the amount of water applied across the field. Machine shutdowns, variable rate plans, rainfall events and more can all affect the total application for the season.

“Seeing your yearly application helps review whether you’re getting the most crop per drop,” Dunbar says.

Another feature Dunbar finds especially helpful is the water available graph in FieldNET Advisor. The feature shows a seasonal chart for each area of the field with a different soil type, crop and water application rate. Such information is helpful to see the available water level throughout the season. Rainfall and irrigation events are both incorporated in the graph.

“This provides a snapshot on how well the soil moisture was maintained throughout key parts of the season,” Dunbar says, adding that fall and winter “are a great time to review your irrigation planning for next year. Using FieldNET data from the 2021 season is a great place to start.”

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