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Efficient Irrigation is Critical to the Future of Farming

Jul 1, 2019

Efficient Irrigation is Critical to the Future of Farming

It’s Smart Irrigation Month, so we’re joining the Irrigation Association to raise awareness about the important role precision irrigation will play as growers work to produce more with less.

“Precision irrigation technology is key to helping farmers meet growing global food, fuel and fiber challenges,” said Randy Wood, president of irrigation at Lindsay Corporation and member of the Irrigation Association Board of Directors. “We’re proud to support the Irrigation Association’s mission to educate the public about the benefits associated with smart and efficient irrigation.”

Now in its 15thyear, the theme of 2019 Smart Irrigation Month is Smart Irrigation in Action. Officials have also designated Tuesday, July 9th, as Technology Tuesday – encouraging backers to wear blue in support of efficient irrigation.

Throughout the month, we’ll be posting a series of articles that focus on efficient irrigation practices and the industry-leading innovations that are helping growers maximize yields while conserving water and other natural resources – including pumps, flow meters and FieldNET technology. 

“We have a long-standing commitment to help growers make the most of every drop of water and every acre they farm,” said Wood. “We will continue to innovate – adding new features and extending the capabilities of our technologies to growers around the world." 

For more information about Smart Irrigation Month, visit www.irrigation.org.

To learn more about the commitment we’ve made to water/energy conservation, check out a previous post – Innovating for the Future of Farming.