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Canadian Dealer Helps Customers Recover from Devastating Windstorm

Apr 15, 2021

Canadian Dealer Helps Customers Recover from Devastating Windstorm

Ask Bryan Smith about the power of Mother Nature and he’ll tell you about a powerful storm that rolled through Southern Alberta and Saskatchewan, Canada, earlier this year.

“It was January 13th. The wind kicked up early in the morning and moved through the area pretty quickly,” said Bryan Smith, of New-Way Irrigation, the exclusive Zimmatic dealer for Alberta and Saskatchewan. “At times, gusts topped 140 kilometers per hour (87 miles per hour) - taking down trees and damaging several buildings in the area.”

The strong, fast-moving storm, which Smith said was unusual, also damaged or destroyed hundreds of pivots in the area. The damage ranged from overhangs to complete system write-offs.

“After it passed, we immediately had our personnel go out to each pivot and inventory the damage,” Smith said. “Our erection crews started removing the severely damaged pivots right away to get ready for new ones. Within days, our parts and yard personnel began deliveries to the field, so the erection crews could start repairs. Our set-up contractor was also instrumental in making the repairs and replacements happen so quickly.”

This kind of outstanding customer service is typical at all four of the New Way locations in Canada. In business since 1976, team members have always strived to exceed customer expectations.

“We have great people at New-Way. We try to be proactive,” Smith said. “Also, having the necessary inventory, along with Lindsay’s manufacturing ability to get us product, was key – especially in this current market. From a required inventory standpoint, the modular design of the Zimmatic pivot is very beneficial during these kind of weather events. As a result of our team and partners’ efforts, we were able to take on this huge undertaking - and be successful.”

Smith is confident all the damaged pivots will be ready for the upcoming growing season. In Alberta and Saskatchewan, his customers grow many different crops, including potatoes, sugar beets, canola, flax, peas, barley, wheat, beans, alfalfa, timothy hay, onions and corn.

“New-Way has some very happy customers right now,” Smith said. “We’ve received many positive comments - telling us that we exceeded their expectations. They were surprised at how fast we were able to complete the necessary repairs, because many of their neighbors are still waiting.”

For more information about New-Way Irrigation, visit www.newwayirrigation.com.