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Location: Dalhart, TX

Family Operation: Parents & 3 siblings

Acres: 9,000 irrigated / 16,000 total

Crops: Potato & alfalfa

Pivots: 57


Seasons in use: 7

Access: Smartphone, laptop, tablet & Smart TV


FieldNET keeps it all under control. Period.

Lindsay talked to growers, dealers, agronomists and irrigation specialists to find out how FieldNET® by Lindsay works for them. They all agreed that remote control is a beneficial tool that makes their lives easier and saves time – much like using GPS in their tractors.


Easily overseeing his irrigation operation with FieldNET. 

Brian has a large operation, and FieldNET by Lindsay helps him manage almost every detail, and gives him more time to diversify into other business ventures. It's 55 miles from one end of his farm to the other, which means that FieldNET is a valuable tool he can't live without.


Top ways Brian uses FieldNET:

  • Controlling pivot locations and chemigation
  • Monitoring grain handling facility
  • Pre-programmed shutdowns
  • Managing sensors and climate station


Why Brian chose FieldNET:

  • The most complete product
  • Time savings
  • Integration with plug & play add-ons


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