Q&A with Brian Bezner


Brian Bezner

Dalhart, Texas


Q:  What do you think FieldNET's top benefits are?

A:  Number one would be water optimization, and not having things broken down in one place for a long time. Second thing would be time, just not having to drive 30, 40 miles to go check on something, doing it from an iPad or iPhone. It also saves a lot of wear and tear on vehicles.


Q:  How about FieldNET's reliability and ease of use?

A:  When it comes to the reliability of FieldNET, very seldom does it go down. I've yet to find anybody that has picked up a phone with the app on it that couldn't quickly figure out how to use it. My son is 14 and he's been using FieldNET probably four or five years.


Q:  Can you tell that FieldNET has improved your yields?

A:  FieldNET has helped us improve yields. A real critical time that you can't have something broken down, sitting in one place, is about the first 20 days of corn planting, where you leech out all the fertilizer and herbicide protection. You have a sprinkler sit there for five hours in one spot, I can go back to that spot at the end of the year and see a 50-bushel yield reduction. Let it sit there in one spot for 12 hours and I'll show you a 150-bushel yield reduction.


Q:  Would you recommend FieldNET to a friend and what would you say?

A:  I have recommended FieldNET to friends and customers alike. I've told them the benefits of putting the water in the right place, the ease of use, and how easy it is to put on a machine. You're up and running in no time. After they've used it for a little while, they have all said, how did I get along without that?


Q:  What advice would you give to a new FieldNET user?

A:  I would tell a new user to just work with it, give it a little bit of time, jump in there and figure out what all it can do for you. I find new things on it still yet.


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