ATT Terminal End Treatment


Easy installation. Powerful performance.

The ENV 1317-compliant ATT® end terminal features exceptional impact performance at a competitive price. It’s easy to install and requires no foundation, making it an ideal solution for road authorities to utilize as a shield from dangerous guardrail ends.

ATT Absorbing Teeth Terminal

ATT Absorbing Teeth Terminal

ENV 1317 acceptance

The ATT end terminal utilizes a tooth-based cutting system to slow errant vehicles impacting at up to 110 km/h. When impacted head-on, deceleration is controlled by teeth cutting into the downstream guardrail panels. When a side impact occurs, the system can redirect a motorist away from the hazard. The ATT® guardrail terminal is easy to install and does not require a foundation. It utilizes many standard guardrail components, minimizing inventory and maintenance costs.


  • New patent-pending energy-absorbing technology
  • Utilizes guardrail posts, frames and sliders that can be easily connected to most common guardrail types
  • Meets ENV 1317-4 Criteria Class P4 - speed 110 km/h
  • No foundation required
  • Typically installs in 1 hour
  • Nose options available
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See more end treatment solutions.

The Barrier Systems line also includes the MAX-Tension family of end treatments with powerful Sabertooth™ technology and the X-Tension family for leading redirective, non-gating performance.

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