WALT Crash Cushion


Anchorless safety meets modular technology.

The Barrier Systems WALT non-redirective crash cushion is a workzone absorbing light terminal that’s highly efficient and anchorless for easy handling. The lightweight, maneuverable design of WALT makes it an ideal solution for protecting motorists from impacting concrete barriers in temporary work zones or construction areas.

Anchorless safety meets modular technology.
WALT Non-Redirective Crash Cushion

WALT Non-Redirective Crash Cushion

EN 1317 acceptance

The WALT system has 4 wheels in order to facilitate its handling during installation, maintenance and relocation. It is equipped with a special-made attachment plate that supports the whole structure and is directly fixed to the concrete barrier without any further ground anchoring so that the installation procedure will take less than 30 minutes. The WALT system is available for temporary and permanent use.


  • Quick, simple deployment in under 30 minutes
  • Lightweight, anchorless design with up to 4 integrated wheels for easy maneuvering
  • Attaches directly to most concrete barrier shapes
  • No ground anchoring required
  • Approved for treating most hazard points in temporary or permanent work zones
  • Meets European Standard EN 1317-3, Test Level 80/1
  • Can be mostly restored after impact by replacing only the damaged components

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