Summertime Safety

Jun 17, 2022

Summertime Safety

As summertime approaches here in the Midwest, the temperatures are going up – and so are the safety risks involved with activity in the field. With the highs pushing the 90s and 100s, summertime can pose some serious health and safety risks for those out in the field on a daily basis. Field crews in any industry know the importance of keeping safety top of mind, and we are no stranger to that here at Elecsys.

When it comes to pipeline field crews, there are several reasons that might require a site visit. Some of which can be prevented altogether if the right equipment is involved. That’s where remote monitoring units (RMU) come in. Not only can you collect, store and analyze data pulled from RMUs – but you can do so from the comfort of a room with air conditioning.

Keeping the site visits to a minimum not only helps lower the health and safety risks in the summer months, but also saves on dollars and resources spent. By gathering and analyzing data remotely, crews can focus on important, critical issues and reserve their resources accordingly.

Another key activity that can occur in the summer months is a close interval survey (CIS). For those in the pipeline industry, you are likely familiar with a CIS – if not, here’s a quick breakdown:

              The purpose of a close interval survey is to evaluate the overall integrity of the pipeline’s cathodic protection. This is done by gathering and documenting the pipe-to-soil potential.

You might think this is common practice in the pipeline protection world, and it is. However, a close interval survey is distinguished by surveying the entire pipeline structure, not just one specific section or point. This can bring to light otherwise hidden areas that may be at risk of corrosion.

Close interval surveys are initially done when the pipeline is formed, then followed up every five years or so. In between those five-year gaps, it’s crucial to have consistent and reliable measurements to uphold the pipeline’s integrity and ease your mind when it comes to pipeline protection.

Elecsys offers a variety of RMUs with a number of different applications spanning beyond oil & gas into water, rail and industrial data communications. For more info or to learn about our solutions, reach out to us today!

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