log4j Vulnerability - Are You At Risk?

Dec 27, 2021

log4j Vulnerability - Are You At Risk?

Written by: Jon Tandy, Product Application Engineer


Cybersecurity is a never-ending endeavor of protecting computer systems against those with criminal intent. In December of 2021, a severe software vulnerability (CVE-2021-44228) was reported by NIST that affects the Apache “log4j” logging API. This potentially allows remote execution of code on a target machine.

While some of your software-based products may be at risk, your Elecsys products are safe. Neither the Elecsys IIoT gateway products (Director, RediGate) nor the Elecsys middleware software (OPC Server, HCP2) use the “log4j” framework component and are thus not susceptible to this vulnerability.

At Elecsys, we remain committed to providing rugged industrial gateway products, enabling our customers to deploy secure and robust solutions. If you have any questions about how Elecsys can help you improve your SCADA/IIoT system or device gateway security, please contact us.


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