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Lindsay Announces Strategic Partnership with Blyncsy

Mar 23, 2022

Lindsay and Blyncsy partner to accelerate connected roadway insights powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning

OMAHA, Neb.  –  Lindsay Corporation (NYSE: LNN), a leading global manufacturer and distributor of irrigation and infrastructure equipment and technology, announces a strategic partnership with and minority investment in Blyncsy, an emerging leader in the utilization of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning for connected roadways. The partnership will integrate Blyncsy’s Payver™ technology into Lindsay’s RoadConnect™ remote roadside asset management platform, furthering the companies’ shared vision of delivering technology solutions for government agencies and their contractors to enable smarter, safer and more efficient roadways.

RoadConnect offers Departments of Transportation (DOTs) a single-source solution for monitoring and maintaining a virtually unlimited number of roadside assets including crash cushions, guardrails and utility poles. Early commercial results have shown that RoadConnect help DOTs improve response times up to 90% after a roadside asset has been impacted and can allow up to 70% reduction in personnel exposure risk.

Payver uses AI and multiple image sources to perform real-time detection and image-recognition, enabling remote visibility into road conditions. Payver’s machine-learning models allow for low-cost and efficient data collection within customers’ infrastructure networks.

“In the near-term, Lindsay’s collaboration with Blyncsy will enhance our RoadConnect platform by adding visual confirmation of an impacted roadside asset,” said Eric Fleming, vice president and general manager of Lindsay’s industrial technology subsidiary, Elecsys. “This strategic partnership will also support creation of exclusive features that will continue to differentiate RoadConnect over the long term in this emerging market,” said Fleming.

“Lindsay is a leader in bringing smarter, safer roadways to reality globally. This shared mission and our partnership accelerates the ability to bring AI to the forefront of digital roadways and offers our customers the ability to improve their response time, decrease their operating costs and accelerate the future of connected roadways,” added Mark Pittman, founder and CEO of Blyncsy.


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