New ACE Editor

Dec 22, 2023

New ACE Editor

Written by: Jon Tandy, Product Application Engineer


The Elecsys edge gateways (RediGate and Director) are feature-rich products that provide significant versatility to SCADA and IIoT data acquisition systems. Each gateway is configured using the ACE Editor by selecting from the available protocols, networking, and other options, according to the particular requirements of each site. The configuration file is loaded into the gateway using either a secure SSL or local serial connection.


Elecsys has recently released a new version of ACE Editor (3.6.2), which provides significant improvements and added features over previous versions.

  • Many important bug fixes and feature enhancements to improve user experience.
  • Improved object and property help.
  • Highlighting changes within a table, and protection against closing the table without saving changes.
  • Change Log feature, to track modifications while editing a configuration.
  • Compare Files option, to show differences between two configurations.
  • Online or offline installation.


If you are an Elecsys customer who is still using an older version of ACE Editor or edge gateway software, contact Elecsys IDG Support to discuss the benefits of updating to the latest versions. New features and product enhancements may offer greater ease of use and possibilities for enhanced capabilities.


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