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Location: Ogallala, NE

Age: 38

Education: Agronomy Degree, University of Nebraska

Acres: 2,000 irrigated

Crops: Corn, soybeans & wheat

Pivots: 15

Control Panels: Zimmatic VISION

Seasons in use: 5

Access: Smartphone & tablet


FieldNET keeps it all under control. Period.

Lindsay talked to growers, dealers, agronomists and irrigation specialists to find out how FieldNET® by Lindsay works for them. They all agreed that remote control is a beneficial tool that makes their lives easier and saves time – much like using GPS in their tractors.


If it's remotely possible, Jeff can do it.

Jeff manages a large operation, growing a variety of crops. He's also a seed dealer, husband and father of three children. When he’s not farming or spending time with his family, he enjoys coaching the local high school football team. FieldNET helps him manage his operation and his personal time with confidence by giving him remote access and powerful tools.


How Jeff uses FieldNET:

  • Pivot control
  • Alerts and status updates
  • Soil moisture readings
  • Pump monitoring
  • Weather tracking
  • Creating multiple irrigation plans


Why Jeff chose FieldNET:

  • Needed to limit water for corn test plot at V6 stage for drought hybrids
  • Wanted to manage work time, family time, and volunteer time
  • Saw the value in time/fuel saved by not driving to check on pivots


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