Elecsys Connect

Oct 20, 2020

Industry’s Leading Web-Based Remote Monitoring Interface

When you invest in Elecsys remote monitoring units (RMU), such as the Watchdog Scout/Tracker series or the SentraLink product family, you also get access to Elecsys Connect. Elecsys Connect is a complete web interface designed to display and analyze industrial monitoring data. The system captures the information needed to assess the state of your physical assets.

In the Cathodic Protection monitoring arena, impressed current CP systems are critical to the health of buried pipelines and tanks, especially those located near high-voltage power lines. CP equipment keeps AC interference from going unchecked, which could cause corrosion damage. Remote CP monitoring systems measure and report values needed to verify the effectiveness of your AC mitigation systems. If you are responsible for your firm’s CP programs, you can stay on top of the situation with Elecsys RMUs and Elecsys Connect.

The SentraLink family offers an added set of capabilities, such as water/wastewater fluid tank levels, fluid pressure, temperature, flow meter monitoring, and tank corrosion levels. SentraLink is ideal for well sites, regulator stations, tank farms, valve sites, and any site that monitors sensor, transducer, and cathodic protection values.

Elecsys Connect is a web and mobile application that allows you to see and analyze your remote monitor data. The app also provides alarm functions to notify you of out-of-the-norm readings. The GPS function locates and maps your RMUs letting you know where the information is coming from.

For example, the newest Elecsys CP RMU, Watchdog TrackerTM CR, remotely feeds measurements to Elecsys Connect, where you can view and analyze them. If the measurements are outside of preset alarm values, an exception alert system overrides regular reports and makes you aware of problems immediately.

Once you register your RMU in Elecsys Connect, you have control over when and how you see your data and under what circumstances will trigger the alarms. You can view individual RMUs or group them into zones. You can access information with any web-enabled device - Computer, iPad, or Smartphone.

Depending on the specific product, Elecsys Connect allows you to:

  • Review and change the sampling, logging, and reporting time intervals as needed
  • See the most current data from selected units or groups of units
  • Set up email and text message alarms based on either default values or programmed values. The warnings override any regularly scheduled unit-to-web reports.
  • Schedule regularly emailed data reports or files, or obtain on-demand data reports
  • Remotely change alarm parameters, reporting frequency, and monitoring frequency
  • Remotely request stored measurements from each registered unit

For example, watchdog Tracker CR measures parameters hourly and saves them to an internal 8 GB SD card.  You can remotely download RMU data on demand to Elecsys Connect.  Or you can schedule regular reports. You can decide how you want to analyze the trends graphically. Using data gathered by the RMUs, Elecsys Connect displays information you need:

  • On the Site Page, you can see the most recent information for each remote monitoring unit
  • You can request historical data and view it either in tabular or interactive graphical form
  • You can see multi-channel graphs for intuitive analysis of how your corrosion data interacts

Elecsys Connect displays this critical data from Watchdog Tracker CR:

  • DC voltage potential from protected structure-to-reference voltage
  • DC “Instant Disconnect” coupon-to-reference voltage potential
  • AC voltage potential from structure-to-ground (i.e., “Safe Touch” voltage)
  • AC current density coupon discharge to ground (enables calculation of Amperes/m²)
  • DC current density coupon discharge to ground (enables calculation of Amperes/m²)
  • AC mitigation drain to ground measurements (using a CT coil, ordered separately)
  • With Tracker CR, you also get Corrosion Rate expressed in the metal loss in “mils” from the one cm² electrical resistance (ER) probe. The probe bonds to protection/interference currents from the pipeline structure. Elecsys Connect calculates the rolling mils per year corrosion rate.

Elecsys Connect has a variety of configuration options to customize the system to what you need. And you can change the configuration at any time. The new settings are transmitted back to the unit and used upon the next communication event.

Regardless of which Elecsys product you choose, Elecsys Connect is always on the job.  Stay on top of your specific situation anytime, anywhere!


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