Communication Changes

Sep 29, 2020

Communication Changes

Upcoming Communication Changes

Communication technologies are always evolving and changing. These changes can be frustrating for companies whose equipment is affected. At Elecsys, we understand this frustration and are addressing the impending sunset of the 3G system in a cost-effective manner. More importantly, we are anticipating future changes and taking the necessary steps now to address your future needs. Since 2012, Elecsys has been manufacturing our own data modems. All of our current and future remote monitor products are designed to use our modems. As technology evolves, Elecsys can assure their customers “drop-in” upgrades as the new technologies emerge. Through the next decade and well beyond, Elecsys is committed to providing the best services and most reliable monitoring systems available.

Upcoming Communication Changes


  • IsatM2M (DMR - 800) terminals will be sunset by SkyWave beginning December 2020.
  • New Terminals will be available for most products and can be purchased now
  • Most units have the ability to be converted to cellular by adding a modem.

3G Cellular

  • AT&T is sunsetting 3G beginning February 2022.
    · Verizon is sunsetting 3G beginning December 2022
    · Replacement modems (both AT&T and Verizon) will be available.

Some older units cannot support the newest technology. For these units, we will offer a very cost-effective “trade-in” discount. We will extend this discount to all fielded Elecsys and non-Elecsys units.

Contact the Elecsys Commerical team for more information.

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