Improving efficiency with IIoT - Solution for a State Department of Transportation

Apr 15, 2020

By Wes Summers

A state Department of Transportation (DOT) team of two people is responsible for maintaining and ensuring continuous operation of roadway lighting systems throughout a large, western state. In order to identify outages or lights that require maintenance, the technicians routinely drive hundreds of miles through remote areas of the state to check each fixture. After potential problems are logged and the necessary equipment is obtained, the technicians must then return to each site to make repairs. With a desire to improve efficiency and roadway safety, DOT officials decided to install two Light Guard Pulse units and participate in a five-month pilot program.

During the test period, technicians were able to integrate the technology’s features into their statewide system and begin using a computer or mobile app to accurately identify outage locations as well locations with near-term outages. This allowed the two-person team to prioritize maintenance needs and be more efficient with their time and travel.

After a five-month test period, DOT officials determined that the Light Guard Pulse would improve roadway safety and provide real value to the department’s bottom line. 

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