Elecsys Announces A New White Paper: The Advantages of Cloud-Based SCADA Systems for Operations

Oct 13, 2020

Jon Tandy, Elecsys' Product Line Manager for Industrial Data Gateways, has released a new white paper extolling the benefits of installing Cloud and MQTT architectures for SCADA systems. Mr. Tandy begins by recapping the benefits and challenges of employing IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things). He points out the positive impact of newly developed remote monitors (e.g., Watchdog and SentraLink), edge devices (e.g., RediGate), more capable sensors, new network tools, and enhanced communication options. IIoT has its challenges, but once adopted, the benefits are far-reaching. Tandy reviews how the Cloud plays into the IIoT equation and how SCADA systems benefit by using MQTT subscribe/publish architecture.

Older SCADA systems lack flexibility and scalability. When other departments needed to collect data for new business purposes or analytics, OT (Operational Technology) often had to tell them "no" due to the potential impact on the SCADA operation. The MQTT architecture provides much more capability than older, rigid, private network poll/response systems. MQTT and the Cloud allow progressive OT groups to accommodate these requests much more quickly to the whole enterprise's benefit.

Tandy points out that Cloud systems offer tight security that can satisfy even the most critical OT applications. He specifically addresses the length to which Cloud providers and cell/satellite communications providers go to ensure security.

In the age of reduced OT staff and ever-growing demands, the need for new OT technologies has increased dramatically. Lastly, he discusses how to transition older SCADA systems to the more modern Cloud and MQTT architecture without losing any legacy capabilities. The significant benefits of upgrading to the Cloud far outweigh any short-term startup learning curves.

For more information, download the white paper HERE, or contact:

Jon Tandy, Product Line Manager, Industrial Data Gateways

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