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    • Jiuquan Riyihuasheng Agricultural Machinery Co.,Ltd
      No.80 Feixiang Road, Suzhou District, Jiuquan City
      Jiuquan, Gansu 735099
      86 13910832079
      Brands: Zimmatic/FieldNET
    • Inner Mongolia Zhiyi Agri. TECH
      206# Building of management council, Hongsheng Industrial Park
      Hohhot, Inner Mongolia 10070
      86 15384889996
      Brands: Zimmatic/FieldNET
    • Heilongjiang Nongken Tianyang Agricultural Machinery Co.Ltd
      Building 7-1, Minjiang Xiaoqu Nangang District Harbin
      Haerbin, Heilongjiang 150090
      86 0451 82372968/3620
      Brands: Zimmatic/FieldNET
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