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Lindsay Unlocks Customized Crop Water Usage Insights for all FieldNET™ Customers

19 ago 2020


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August 19, 2020


Lindsay Unlocks Customized Crop Water Usage Insights for all FieldNET Customers

The new feature, FieldNET with WaterTrend℠, provides a 7-day water trend of field-specific crop water needs

OMAHA, Nebraska  – Lindsay Corporation (NYSE: LNN), a leading global manufacturer and distributor of irrigation and infrastructure equipment and technology, today announced the launch of FieldNET with WaterTrend, a powerful new feature that gives growers critical crop water usage insights to aid in effective and efficient irrigation decision-making.

FieldNET, Lindsay’s award-winning irrigation management platform, provides growers the ability to remotely monitor and control all aspects of their existing pivot and lateral irrigation systems, regardless of the equipment’s age or brand. The platform delivers information so growers can monitor the operational status of their irrigation systems and control them quickly and easily from a smartphone, tablet or computer 24-hours a day from anywhere.

“FieldNET users are accustomed to getting new, software-enabled features and enhancements added to their service throughout the year – these are features driven by their requests and needs,” said Brian Magnusson, Vice President of The Americas at Lindsay. “FieldNET with WaterTrend is the latest example of this customer-focused innovation that is now included with every FieldNET subscription, at no additional cost. This new feature addresses our customers’ desire to have better data available to help them make more informed irrigation decisions. It’s a feature that isn’t available through any remote irrigation monitor and control platform outside of FieldNET, further differentiating FieldNET in the marketplace.”

Using advanced data, science and modeling technology, the new WaterTrend feature provides a 7-day water outlook on forecasted crop water usage and precipitation amounts. This is based on field-specific forecasted rainfall amounts, crop growth models and crop water usage information. Growers can see trends in how their crops will use water over the coming week, enabling them to make better, data-driven decisions on when and how much to irrigate. Another added benefit of the new feature is the ability for growers to view field-specific weather data, including the current field conditions plus hourly and daily forecasts.

Available globally to subscribers for FieldNET-equipped center pivots, WaterTrend can be accessed via the FieldNET app – no additional subscription or equipment is needed.

“FieldNET with WaterTrend uses the same science and data that goes into FieldNET Advisor™ to provide a 7-day water trend,” said Albert Maurin, product manager at Lindsay. “Simply configure your crop information, and FieldNET takes care of everything else. Making informed irrigation decisions has really never been easier.”

Maurin added that, at any time, growers can take their irrigation management to the next level and upgrade to FieldNET Advisor to receive daily, automated irrigation recommendations – including the ability to account for multiple crop types and planting dates, incorporate satellite imagery, further customize the irrigation parameters, and receive continuously updated variable-rate irrigation (VRI) prescriptions.

“From monitor-only options to complete monitoring, analysis and control, FieldNET offers solutions to meet every grower’s needs,” Maurin said. “And, while it’s already unmatched in the industry, our customers benefit from these kinds of continuous improvements - we’re always working to deliver additional value to our customers.”

The global release of FieldNET with WaterTrend furthers Lindsay’s commitment to creating a more sustainable future by equipping growers with data and insights to run their irrigation system with precision to conserve resources. The company has a goal to help growers save more than 700 billion gallons of water and more than one billion kilowatt hours of energy by the year 2022.

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