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Grower Insights with Blake Olberding

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Location: Pasco, WA

Age: 31

Acres: 1,600+ irrigated

Crops: Potato & alfalfa

Pivots: 10

Control Panels: Zimmatic BOSS

Seasons in use: 2

Access: Smartphone


FieldNET keeps it all under control. Period.

Lindsay talked to growers, dealers, agronomists and irrigation specialists to find out how FieldNET® by Lindsay works for them. They all agreed that remote control is a beneficial tool that makes their lives easier and saves time – much like using GPS in their tractors.


If it's remotely possible, Blake can do it.

Blake learned about farming from his father and uncle, but taught himself how to use technology to enhance his operation. FieldNET allows him to quickly and easily manage every aspect of his operation. When he's not farming, FieldNET gives him the freedom to focus on his family – without worrying about his irrigation.


How Blake uses FieldNET:

  • Setting and fine-tuning end guns
  • Advanced reporting
  • Checking pivot progress and alerts
  • Managing chemigation


Why Blake chose FieldNET:

  • Compatible with Zimmatic and competitor pivots
  • Convenience of using FieldNET mobile app
  • Peace of mind