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Solutions for Every Tracking Need

Nov 1, 2018

Solutions for Every Tracking Need

Are you tired of fixing flat tires or dealing with deep wheel ruts in the field?

If so, you might want to consider adding NFTrax®2.0 to your center pivot machines. 

“We just launched the NFTrax 2.0 - an updated version of our patented airless wheel design. It will never go flat and keeps wheel ruts to a minimum, which saves time, labor and replacement costs,” said Christopher Higgins, Zimmatic global product manager. 

Built with maximum durability, the NFTrax 2.0 has a heavy-duty, vulcanized rubber belt with a steel cable core that is tensioned over 10 newly-designed, winged drive points that apply even pressure across the entire belt surface. This forms a larger surface area to evenly distribute the machine’s weight, resulting in improved performance over varying terrain and field features. 

For growers who need to tackle the toughest terrain, Higgins recommends the new Z-Tread belt option.

“Our new Z-Tread has an aggressive, alternating tread design and high low lug pattern for lateral stability and traction,” he said. “It’s designed for areas where more traction is needed – slopes, low spots, areas with slick, clay-based soils.”

Another high-performance alternative to standard bias tires are radials. With a rugged design, radial tire construction lessens severe wheel tracking and compaction beneath sprinklers while reducing overall drivetrain wear and tear. 

“Our radials operate with less air pressure, so there’s less compaction and rutting. They have a heavy load rating, even at lower pressures,” Higgins said. “Your local Zimmatic dealer will be happy to show you all of our available tracking options and help you decide which is best for your operation.”

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