Lindsay Corporation Earned an AE50 Award for Zimmatic NFTrax and Growsmart MULTI-CONTROL

December 1, 2014

Zimmatic’s® NFTrax, and Growsmart® MULTI-CONTROL for Drip and Micro Irrigation Recognized as Two of the Year’s Most Innovative Designs

Both Products Assist Farmers Adopting Progressive Farming Practices

Two of Lindsay Corporation’s newest products have earned industry recognition for their innovative design and attention to detail incorporating technology for modern farming irrigation systems.

Zimmatic by Lindsay’s NFTrax airless wheel assembly and the Growsmart by Lindsay MULTI-CONTROL for drip and micro irrigation earned an AE50 award presented by The American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE) after each product was deemed one of the year’s most innovative designs in engineering for the food, agriculture, and biological systems industries.

The patent-pending NFTrax wheel assembly is an airless wheel design that will never go fl¬at and keeps wheel ruts to a minimum – saving time, labor and replacement costs. Compared to pneumatic and solid tires, NFTrax helps growers avoid tread damage, punctures and eliminates air pressure checks. In addition, it reduces wheel rut depth; controls water runoff and track erosion, allowing trouble-free operation throughout the season.

MULTI-CONTROL and FieldNET® by Lindsay wireless micro-irrigation management remotely controls the entire system, saving water by automating when and how much to apply, and alerting growers to issues such as pressure or flow disparities due to leaks and clogs that can result in inefficiencies.

“We start product development by talking to growers to find out what could make their farming practices easier and more efficient,” said Reece Andrews, FieldNET Business Manager. “Our engineers want to make solutions that help the grower work smarter. This award, along with our grower feedback, reinforces that we hit the mark.”

Each year, companies from around the world submit entries to the AE50 competition and the top 50 products are recognized for innovation, significant engineering advancement, and impact on the market served.

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About the ASABE: The American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers is an international scientific and educational organization dedicated to the advancement of engineering applicable to agricultural, food, and biological systems. Its members, from more than 100 countries, are consultants, managers, researchers, and others who have the training and experience to understand the interrelationships between technology and living systems. Further information on the Society can be obtained by contacting ASABE at (269) 429-0300 or Details can also be found at

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