Commercial Tubing

Lindsay’s Commercial Tubing offers a wide assortment of pipe sizes for specific applications. Lindsay’s steel tubing is manufactured using the Thermatool ®high-frequency electric resistance welding process. Lindsay is equipped and capable to meet most applicable ASTM standards.

Contract Manufacturing

Lindsay is equipped to handle your outsource manufacturing from start to finish.  Our complete array of manufacturing capabilities from fabrication to welding and machining, allow Lindsay to turn raw materials into finished products that meet your specific needs. 

Wireless Network Solutions

Every enterprise needs mobility and bandwidth. ez-Wireless’ team of experts understands how to integrate wireless solutions to solve your mobility and bandwidth challenges. If you need inter-building connections, mobile device-ready enterprise wireless LANs, on-farm / industrial outdoor connectivity, in-building cellular coverage or a wireless consultant, ezWireless is here to help.

Pump Telemetry

Our broadband communications solutions for pump telemetry deliver fast, all-ways on connectivity that enabling real-time monitoring and control even in areas with poor cell phone coverage. In addition, because our solutions are broadband-based, you can add on-farm Internet capability including WiFi hotspots, video surveillance cameras and other add-ons to increase productivity and save fuel and labor.