Barrier Systems Engineers Win ATSSA Award

November 26, 2012




(VACAVILLE, CA) Showcased at the ATSSA 2012 in Tampa Florida, the TAU-II R from Barrier Systems Inc. won an ATSSA Innovation Award for being the first crash cushion engineered to be convertible.  The TAU-II-R System is available as a Reusable/Restorable System or as a Convertible Kit to upgrade existing Partially Reusable TAU-II Systems into Reusable/Restorable TAU-II-R Systems.


The Reusable and Self-Restoring TAU-II-R System utilizes the proven, superior design of the Partially-Reusable TAU-II System.  In fact, The TAU-II-R and TAU-II Systems are built using identical collapsible framework, maximizing interchangeability within the TAU-II Family.  The TAU-II collapsible framework provides superior redirective performance during  side impacts.  The use of many off-the-shelf components in the System’s design reduces maintenance inventory costs and simplifies the system.  For example, the TAU-II collapsible framework uses standard thrie-beam guardrail transitions to attach to concrete or guardrail.  This eliminates the need for costly customized transitions. 


The only two differences between the TAU-II System and the TAU-II-R System are the Energy Absorbing Elements (EAS) that are placed within the bays of the collapsible framework, and the addition of a heavy-duty reusable nose.  By simply switching out standard TAU-II expendable cartridges with TAU-II-R Energy Absorbing Elements (EAEs) and adding the reusable nose, the Partially Reusable TAU-II System becomes a Reusable TAU-II-R System that will self restore after, some but not all impacts.


The TAU-II-R EAEs were jointly engineered by award winning Barrier Systems Engineers and Batelle Inc,. a lead innovator in national defense, aeronautics, and life sciences.  These highly engineered  Hyperelastic (HE) Polyurethane Elements  are designed and tested to withstand multiple design capacity head-on impacts before they must be replaced.


The TAU-II-R System is available as a complete crash cushion from the factory or can be supplied as a kit to convert existing, installed TAU-II Systems into Reusable TAU II-R Systems by simply replacing existing cartridges with Energy Absorbing Elements (EAEs.)  This all new convertible technology allows a road authority to install a lower initial priced, partially reusable crash cushion, then later convert an existing system into a reusable crash cushion if impacts are frequent.  This simplifies the road-design process and allows the road authority spend its money more efficiently than ever before.  It satisfies the desires of  Design Engineers to provide high performance crash cushions within the initial budgetary restraints and the desires of the Maintenance Engineers to provide crash cushions that are easy to maintain and have the lowest possible life cycle costs.


The Redirective, Non-Gating, Reusable (R-NG-R) TAU-II-R Crash Cushion is designed to be  a reusable attenuator to protect motorists travelling at speeds up to 113 km/h [70 mph] from hazards as narrow as 700 mm [27”] to 2.6 m [102”] wide. The TAU-II-R is the most recent addition to the TAU-II Family, and this maximum interchangeability between all Systems will help to keep inventory costs down. 


Features and Benefits:

Utilizes Reusable Elements

Will Self Restore after some, but not all impacts

Interchangeable Framework within the TAU-II Family reduces inventory costs and simplifies design

Widths available to shield hazards as narrow as 700 mm (27 inches) to as wide as  2.6 m (102 inches)

Lengths available to protect motorists at speeds from 50 km/h (30 mph) to 113 km/h (70 mph)

Meets NCHRP 350 test criteria as a Redirective, Non-Gating  Attenuator

Attaches to concrete barrier or guardrail using standard transitions



LIndsay Corporation ( and its wholly owned subsidiary Barrier Systems, Inc. (, is a leading manufacturer of moveable barrier systems, energy-absorbing highway crash cushions, and truck-mounted attenuators.  For more information about these products please contact Barrier Systems, Inc.,  3333 Vaca Valley Pkwy, Ste. 800 Vacaville, CA 95688  (888) 800-3691 [U.S. toll free] or (707) 374-6800.

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