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Oil Change Will Keep Pivots Running Smoothly

3 avr. 2018

Oil Change Will Keep Pivots Running Smoothly

Is it time to change the oil in your pivot gearbox?  

“If you’re seeing leaks or wear in your gearbox, you might want to consider an alternative to standard gearbox oil,” said John Elder, director of aftermarket sales at Lindsay Corporation. “We recommend replacing it with GearLife XL Lube. It will keep pivots running smoothly, avoiding downtime and higher operating costs.”

GearLife XL thins when worked and thickens when idle. Its thixotropic properties allow for the lubrication to solidify and form a water-resistant seal, preventing leaks and keeping out harmful moisture. It offers the fastest solidification on the market, so dripping out of worn seals is minimized or even eliminated, depending on seal wear.

“While most oils run off gears immediately after stopping, GearLife’s high surface tension allows it to stay on gears for a longer period of time,” Elder said. “When combined with the thixotropic property that gels the lubrication, a thick layer of oils covers all moving surfaces for smooth, efficient operation.”

Compatible with all wheel gearbox brands, Elder recommends GearLife XL Lube as a replacement oil for gear boxes after the first season break-in and settle period. In addition to preventing leaks, he said it also protects against rust and excessive wear. 

“It gives growers a better alternative to standard gearbox oil,” he said. “Along with proper maintenance, GearLife XL will help pivots be more reliable and durable – resulting in a more productive growing season.” 

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