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Celebrating Earth Day

22 avr. 2019

Celebrating Earth Day

For farmers, every day is Earth Day.

“Farmers are the original environmentalists,” said Randy Wood, president of Global Agriculture Irrigation at Lindsay Corporation. “For generations, they’ve taken care of the land – adopting new practices and technologies to ensure sustainability.” 

At Lindsay Corporation, we are committed to developing innovative solutions that help meet the food, fuel and fiber needs of our growing population. Our award-winning offerings help our customers reduce energy and water consumption and save costs. These capabilities demonstrate Lindsay’s greatest success – our customers trust us to deliver a positive return on their investment, while also contributing to more sustainable farming practices.

“We know that precision technology is the key to helping farmers produce more with less, so we have accelerated our leadership in this area,” Wood said. “We’re delivering technologies, like FieldNET® and FieldNET Advisor, that will help us meet our goal of helping the world’s growers save 734 billion gallons of water and 1.2 kilowatt hours of energy by the year 2022.” 

Wood said the future of precision agriculture also includes partnerships that will help growers consolidate the management of irrigation systems with other equipment, agronomic data and farm operations. 

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“We’re currently partnering with Famers EdgeNutrien Ag Solutions and The Climate Corporation to help our customers streamline data collection and make faster, better informed irrigation management decisions,” Wood said. “We will continue to seek out partnerships that will help our customers increase efficiency and make the most of every drop of water they use.”