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Zimmatic swings farm around: Pivots triple the value of the farm

Mar 2, 2022

Zimmatic swings farm around: Pivots triple the value of the farm

From that very moment everything changed for the farmer of Lydenburg, with the help of two Zimmatic pivots. Pieter, of the farming enterprise, Pitcor, farmed intensively with cattle and sheep, until his farm almost completely burned down in 2019. “Our sixty cattle stood on two hectares. The rest of the field was gone. It was probably the lowest point in my life. Everything was pitch black. From the wires to the droppers. Sixty hectares of field was gone. That is when one of my friends encouraged me to start growing crops.” Today, Pieter grows various crops like maize, soybeans, and white beans. He still has a few Bonsmara cattle and Dormer sheep. Two faithful 7500P Zimmatic pivots helped him to come where he is today ensuring a good income from the crops. In August 2020 Pieter decided to set up a pivot when he struggled to grow cabbage. He realised that a pivot was his only way out to farm successfully with his crops.

“We called around and searched for a long time. It was difficult because some of the suppliers wanted deposits of hundreds of thousands of rands. Where do you scratch that out? I felt hopeless. Then I read an advertisement of Zimmatic.” Just a month after Pieter decided to buy a pivot the brand new Zimmatic pivot was being delivered to his farm. That afternoon at 16:00 a team arrived and the next day at 14:00 they were done. “The pivot was set up and everything was ready to work. Lindsay has an agreement with Wesbank resulting in NO deposit needed from farmers. It opened doors for me.” After experiencing a successful run with both white beans and wheat, Pieter acquired a second pivot in December 2021. “A pivot is a form of insurance. I can grow maize, but how do I insure it? A constant water supply is the best insurance. That is why I got a second pivot. Now I have two crops a year, in the summer and in the winter,” says Pieter. Altogether thirty hectares of land on his farm is under irrigation. Both pivots have three towers, and the second pivot is mobile and can irrigate two circles. According to him his farm’s value tripled due to the pivots. Pieter says the sprinklers on the pivots are highly effective. “The sprayers spread the water perfectly. They do not spray mist which can be blown away by the wind or evaporates. There is very little wear and tear on the sprayers which means that they require less maintenance.”

Besides the pivots’ loyal service, Pieter is very impressed with Lindsay’s service and dedication to his farm. When he approached other pivot companies in the market, some of them were not prepared to go out to his farm to give him advice. “When I contacted Lindsay a representative came to me immediately and measured the fields. He also helped me to determine where the pivot needs to be placed and four weeks later the pivot was here.” Another advantage is that Pieter can buy parts for the pivots at the Obaro branch in Lydenburg at affordable prices. Lindsay’s representatives also contact him regularly to hear if he is satisfied with his pivots. “Now, that is service. I am very glad that I joined the Lindsay team with their service and products,” says Pieter. When asked how his farming has changed since he acquired Zimmatic's pivots, Pieter smiles happily: “My farming changed dramatically from being a livestock farmer to farming with crops under irrigation. It changed completely. I used to cut the grass, baled, and sold it. On twenty hectares I did not achieve the same profit over a period of three years, as I collected under one pivot in one season." For more information, send an e-mail to Lourens Janse van Rensburg at Lourens.jansevanrensburg@lindsay.com or +27 (66) 011-2280.
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