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Improve Efficiencies with Data Driven Decisions

Nov 7, 2019

Improve Efficiencies with Data Driven Decisions

You collected a lot of data during the growing season… now what?

“Post-harvest is a great time to take a close look at the data and determine what it’s telling you,” said Albert Maurin, product manager for irrigation software at Lindsay Corporation. “If you have the right tools, you can learn a lot about your operation and the ways in which you can improve efficiencies.”

One of those tools is FieldNET Advisor®, an advanced irrigation-scheduling tool that compiles the critical data needed to deliver field-specific irrigation recommendations.

Maurin says growers can use FieldNET Advisor to:

Review the graph on the crop data to see all of the rainfall and irrigation events that occurred during the growing season. This will help you identify periods of projected crop stress and/or over irrigation.

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Take a look at recent satellite images to identify inconsistent areas in the field or possible sprinkler issues. If you see rings in the field, you might have plugged or malfunctioning nozzles. 

Check the forecasted yield loss to determine how much valuable yield you may be losing in hard to reach areas – areas that you could pick up with a corner arm, drop span or FieldPLUS joint.

“FieldNET Advisor takes the guesswork out of irrigation management – during the growing season and after harvest,” Maurin said. “It’s a powerful tool that can help you make faster, better-informed decisions that will help you boost yields while saving time, money and resources.”  

For more information about FieldNET Advisor, talk to your local Lindsay dealer.