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Extend the Life of Your Irrigation System with a New Center Pivot Driveline

Dec 11, 2019

Extend the Life of Your Irrigation System with a New Center Pivot Driveline

Is your older center pivot running as straight as it used to?

Can you make it through a growing season without downtime due to a gearbox, center drive or coupler failure?

If the answer is “no” to either one of those questions, then it might be time to consider replacing the driveline – and there’s no better time than right now.

“If you replace the current driveline on any brand of pivot with a new Zimmatic®driveline by the end of this year, we’ll give you a $50 per tower rebate to celebrate 50 years of Zimmatic innovation,” said Brad Dunbar, aftermarket manager at Lindsay Corporation. “A new driveline will improve performance and increase efficiency – it’s like getting a new pivot without having to get a whole new pivot.”

Our field-proven drivelines include a center drive that has become the industry standard. It has a heavy-duty steel cover that resists chemicals and corrosive water, and it offers the highest horsepower available with a triple reduction gearbox.

“The center drive produces maximum efficiency and power distribution,” Dunbar said. “ For example, a seven-tower Zimmatic pivot with a 43 RPM motor can complete a circle in under 13 hours, compared to more than 16 hours for a competitive system with a 34 RPM motor - resulting in a 27 percent savings.” 

The AT Gearbox replaces the PowerDrive gearbox – adding new, cutting-edge features to the PowerDrive’s proven forged steel gears, cartridge seals and large bearings on both sides of the input shaft.  

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“The new features include a universal mounting pattern, large, diaphragm style expansion chamber and an externally gusseted bell housing, which makes this the most advanced gearbox on the market,” Dunbar said.

New Zimmatic drivelines are backed by a seven- to eight-year warranty, so you know that you can count of it for years to come. 

“This 50thanniversary conversion special is really a great deal,” Dunbar said. “If you work with your local Zimmatic dealer to install a new driveline during the off season, you’ll save money, and you won’t be replacing components one at a time in the middle of the growing season. You’ll also have peace of mind – knowing that your pivot will be ready to get the job done when it’s needed.”

*Offer available in the United States and Canada*