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Improved Pump Efficiency Can Offset Rising Input Costs

29 июл. 2019 г.

Improved Pump Efficiency Can Offset Rising Input Costs

Pumping costs are one of an irrigator’s largest expenses.

“Irrigators face large expenses related to pumping costs,” said Wade Sikkink, director of global product management at Lindsay Corporation. “Managing those costs for efficiency can have a big impact on a grower’s bottom line.”

That often means investing in technology.

“Technology is helping growers maximize efficiencies in a number of areas – including their irrigation pumps,” he said. “Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) automatically adjust pump speeds to match the system demand. For example, if less flow or pressure is required, the VFD will slow the pump down, reducing the amount of electricity the pump is using.” 

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Sikkink said VFDs are a great option for corner machines, pivots with a common pump header, pivots on inclines or hills and pivots with Precision VRI.

“Any situation that causes a change in flow or pressure in the system is an opportunity to improve efficiency and save money,” he said. “Our VFDs can help growers save as much as 25 percent on energy costs. They also eliminate water surges and strains on other components – reducing maintenance costs and adding years to the life of an irrigation system.” 

Available from local Zimmatic dealers, VFDs and other pumping solutions can be seamlessly integrated into the FieldNET®remote management platform for continuous remote monitoring and control.

“FieldNET helps growers easily diagnose pump performance with pressure, flow and pump cycle trending charts,” Sikkink said. “It also sends text or email alerts if there are performance issues, and it gives growers the ability to remotely make system adjustments, re-set alarms and enable or disable the pump." 

To find out how much you might save with a VFD, use the VFD savings calculator at www.zimmatic.com.

To learn more about our full line of efficient pumping solutions, talk to your local Zimmatic dealer

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