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Next Gen Control Panels Meet Every Grower’s Needs

19 sept. 2019

Next Gen Control Panels Meet Every Grower’s Needs

Industry leading. State-of-the-art. Unparalleled.

Those are just a few of the descriptors people use when talking about our new Zimmatic® control panels - the 500C, 700C and 712C.

“Our Next Gen control panels are all of those things and much more,” said Reece Andrews, product manager at Lindsay Corporation. “With advanced technology and an intuitive interface, they’re powerful but very easy to use. All three of the new panels are also FieldNET® ready – making remote monitoring and control capabilities more accessible than ever before.” 

Andrews said each of the new models also comes with smart barrier automation – providing a simple method for irrigating part circles.

“More growers are looking at part circle systems. So, in addition to simplifying the user experience, we wanted these new controllers to make it more effective to run part circles,” he said. “The smart barrier feature gives users the ability to start a part circle pivot and automatically reverse, return and stop at the original starting point.”

Launching globally by the end of this year, here’s what you can expect from each option:


While it’s a standard panel, the 500C is anything but standard. In addition to being FieldNET-ready, it has the capability to deliver low pressure shut down alerts and low pressure start-up countdowns.


The 700C has the same ultra-simple, in-field user interface as the 500C and, with FieldNET and GPS positioning, growers can remotely automate stops, control end guns, create precision irrigation plans and more. It’s also compatible with FieldNET Advisor® - the industry’s first irrigation scheduling tool.


The 712C has everything the 700C offers as well as the industry’s largest touchscreen. The 12-inch, interactive touchscreen is very easy to use and will be familiar to anyone who uses a smart phone.

“We know every grower’s situation is different. That’s why we offer a range of advanced Zimmatic controllers – all FieldNET-ready and prepared to go to work in your field,” he said. “And over-the-air serviceability makes software and firmware updates and the addition of future feature enhancements easier than ever.” 

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