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New Sprinkler Package Helps Nebraska Overcome Watering Challenges

Nov 14, 2018

New Sprinkler Package Helps Nebraska Overcome Watering Challenges

With a lower flow well and tough, sandy soil, Nebraska grower Greg Kreikemeier needed to find a better way to water to his crop.

“I was looking for a way to get a more even application,” he said. “After getting all of the information, it made a lot of sense to go with a closer spaced sprinkler package that was near the ground.”

Working with the team at Petersen Ag Systems, Kreikemeier installed the A3000 Accelerator sprinkler package on three of his 18 center pivots. Designed for in-canopy water application, the A3000 maximizes throw distance and minimizes evaporative losses at low flow rates.

“With the combination of closer spacing and reduced ground clearance, we’re not fighting with the leaf mass of field corn,” said Aaron Sauser, sprinkler and VRI specialist at Lindsay Corporation. “With the Accelerator, we can throw a sprinkler a long way and still use a low pressure regulator.”

Since installing the A3000 package, Kreikemeier said he’s getting more water on the ground – which is important on hot, windy days.

“There’s an even water application on those three systems now,” he said. “I don’t have any side-by-side yield data, but I’ve been farming on sandy farms for 20-plus years, and the yield maps are the most even yield maps I’ve ever seen for this type of soil.” 

“We were happy to help Greg find a solution that’s working for him,” Sauser said. “Because every field is different, sprinkler selection is critical to efficient irrigation.”

To determine the best package for your crop and local conditions, talk to your local Zimmatic dealer for visit www.zimmatic.com.