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Innovating for the Future of Farming

Jun 3, 2019

Innovating for the Future of Farming

For the last few months, we’ve been celebrating the 50thanniversary of the first Zimmatic center pivot – looking back and sharing information about our company’s rich history and the cutting edge innovations we’ve developed to help growers irrigate efficiently. (See below for links to previous blog posts in this series.)

So, what does our future of innovation look like? Lindsay’s President of Irrigation, Randy Wood, says the innovative spirit that drove company founder, Paul Zimmerer, still drives us today.  

“We’re dedicated to innovating the tools and solutions needed to help feed the world and be good stewards of the environment,” he said. “At Lindsay, we are further accelerating our leadership in the area of precision irrigation management – providing growers with solutions that will help them produce more with less. Efficient irrigation is key to helping growers meet the challenges of a growing global population and helping to conserve resources while boosting farm output.” 

We are continuously adding new features to further advance the value of our remote irrigation management solutions FieldNET® and FieldNET Advisor®. We’re also adding new crops and regions all the time – extending the technology’s capabilities to more growers around the world. Look for new crops coming to FieldNET Advisor coming this summer, including carrots, onions and even a pasture option.

Our vision for the future also includes collaborations with other best-in-class organizations – like Farmers Edge – to help growers consolidate the management of irrigation systems and other equipment, agronomic data and farm operations.

“We are fully aware of the power that comes with the ability to leverage big data – and the need to work with other organizations to help our growers better utilize that data to achieve greater operational efficiencies,” Wood said. “We also envision enlisting the support of retailers and food processors in the effort to make efficient irrigation a priority. For example, we see a time whey they prioritize suppliers according to how efficiently they apply water to their crop – something that can be tracked with FieldNET Advisor.”

Our commitment to future innovation prompted us to set an ambitious goal to help growers save more than 700 billion gallons of water and more than one billion kilowatt hours of energy by the year 2022.

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“We’re confident that by aggressively enhancing our technologies and extending their capabilities to more growers, we can meet our goals,” Wood said. “Protecting and sustaining the world for future generations begins with effective water management – and we’ve made that a priority.”