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Corner System Helps Georgia Grower Make the Most of Every Acre

Jun 25, 2018

Corner System Helps Georgia Grower Make the Most of Every Acre

With custom corner systems, growers can pick up additional irrigated acres without renting or buying more land. 

“I installed a corner unit and picked up an additional 34 acres in my corn field,” said Bo Patterson, a fifth-generation grower from Metter, Georgia. 

Patterson grows cotton and peanuts on the family’s 2,800-acre operation. Ten Zimmatic® center pivots work over 700 acres of sandy soil in his fields. Because Mother Nature is unpredictable, reliable irrigation ensures maximum yields. 

"Last year, we had too much rain, and this year we've hardly received a drop," he said. "The peanuts like a lot of water, while cotton likes a steady, light dose to keep from drying out." 

Adding a Zimmatic 9500 Custom Corner unit was the most cost-effective way to bring the ground outside of the pivot circle into production.

"The corner system draws from the same well as the pivot,” he said. “When you figure up the cost of putting in another well, and the production costs per acre for an additional 34 acres somewhere else, it was extremely inexpensive to put in this system.”  

The  9500CC is easy to use and can be customized to meet the specific needs of each field. With FieldNET® technology, Patterson can remotely monitor and control the system.  

"I love that I can check on it and control it remotely. It's very convenient," he said.  

“Corner systems are great additions to operations in this area,” said Mike Cox, co-owner of C & R Industrial Services, the Zimmatic dealer in Statesboro, Georgia. “We’re happy that we could provide Bo with a solution that helps him make the most of every acre of land he owns.” 

For more information about the 9500CC, talk to your local Zimmatic dealer or visit www.zimmatic.com.