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Company Culture Drives Pandemic Response

Jul 21, 2020

Company Culture Drives Pandemic Response

From face masks to social distancing, COVID-19 has changed the way we live and work.

While the speed and scope of the coronavirus pandemic posed a number of extraordinary challenges to organizations like ours, the unprecedented global crisis also gave us an opportunity to strengthen our resolve and reinforce our commitment to our values, employees, partners, customers and communities.

“Safety is one of our non-negotiable expectations — and that has driven our response to this crisis. With locations in 10 countries, we had to act quickly to comply with rapidly changing mandates and adopt new behaviors to protect our employees,” said Tim Hassinger, president and CEO of Lindsay Corporation. “Our team members embraced the challenge — tackling it with resilience, focus and action.”

“Looking out for the safety of all employees was our priority,” said Rossella Galli, based in Lindsay’s Snoline manufacturing facility near Milan, Italy. “We took proactive steps with this priority in mind, and immediately adapted to the government mandates that came day by day as our company managers kept themselves constantly updated. The communication has been constant, punctual and precise, regarding what to do, how to do it, and with what timing to promote employee health and safety.”

In South Africa, a total government lockdown initially sent all employees home. Because the majority of employees don’t have access to email, team leaders found other ways to care for and keep them informed.

“We set up a WhatsApp group which was used to send out announcements, corporate videos and motivational One Lindsay messages to keep employees engaged while they were home,” said John Hopley, Operations Manager at Lindsay Africa. “Also, at the start of the lockdown, it was very difficult to find hand sanitizer and masks. Everything was sold out. Our buyer managed to secure a bulk batch of hand sanitizer and purchased plastic spray cans. Team leaders then prepared and delivered care packages for every employee’s family comprised of hand sanitizer, surface disinfectant and three masks.”

Maintaining transparency and continuous communication with partners and customers has also been critical as we navigate through the pandemic.

“I think communication is more important than ever right now,” said Robin Himan, from the company’s global headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska. “I do all I can to call customers back as soon as possible and continue to regularly update them about the solutions I’m working on. Especially now, I want them to know I’m here for them.”

At our Rio Vista, California manufacturing location, engineers shifted gears and used their talent to create 3D-printed masks for local hospitals. Food pantries around the country are experiencing long lines and food shortages. In partnership with area agriculture companies, Lindsay made a relief donation to the Food Bank for the Heartland. And at Elecsys, our IIoT operation in Olathe, Kansas, the sales and management teams provided a “thank you” lunch to the production and office support teams who kept the operation moving — adhering to all of the necessary precautions to help keep themselves, their co-workers and their families safe.

“Our people are our most valuable resource and they really rose to the occasion during this unprecedented time,” Hassinger said. “During these last few months, we’ve learned a lot about our organization, and those insights will certainly help us as we continue work through this pandemic and in the years ahead.”