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Brazilian Growers Rely on FieldNET to Help Maximize Resources

Jan 30, 2018

Brazilian Growers Rely on FieldNET to Help Maximize Resources

Making the most of available resources is important to Brazilian growers Alfonso, Walter and Sergio Sleutjes. That’s one of the reasons they installed FieldNET on the pivots that work on their operation in the southeast region of the country. 

“We irrigate at night, because energy is less expensive then,” said Alfonso Sleutjes. “With FieldNET, we can do all the necessary programming for the pivots during the day and then check the next day to see if there were machine problems during the operation.”

Part of a Dutch colony in São Paolo State, the Sleutjes Group grows corn, soybeans, beans and wheat. They currently have FieldNET installed on nine pivots – including four older or competitor machines.

“It allows us to set the amount of water we want to apply, the time we want to turn the pivot on or off and operate the end gun,” Sleutjes said. “It also gives you the option to apply water by section. In other words, I may want to apply 10 millimeters (.4 inch) depth in one part of the field and 5 millimeters (.25 inch) or 12 millimeters (.5 inch) in others. I can do it all through my computer or cell phone.”

Bruno Perroni, sales supervisor for Lindsay Brazil, said center pivots have been used for a long time in the São Paulo State. He said growers in this region, like the Sleutjes Group, are very advanced in their agricultural practices.

“Growers are investing in the technology, because they know they will save time, money, energy and water,” Perroni said. “They’re seeing a great return on their investment.”

For more information about FieldNET technology, talk to your local Zimmatic dealer or visit www.myfieldnet.com.